Dear Human Beings,

the future of Humanity that scientists, artists, visionaries depict is always gruesome. We have accepted it as inevitable and whoever tries to change it seems deluded to us.

History teaches us that people who've tried to move us a step forward in our evolution and give us awareness and dignity as human beings had lives full of hardships. They were never understood while still alive and they were ignored, discredited, persecuted, killed, burned at the stake.

We have witnessed helplessly dreadful injustices over the centuries and so we continue today while we are more and more addicted to this inhuman society.

The crimes we are responsible for are so many and so significant that we’ve lost self - esteem. We have become automatons who think only about survival.

In October 2013 I changed my life completely. I abandoned my artistic career and devoted myself to philanthropy. Aware of being co-creator of this world, I began to carefully observe what was happening around me, but above all within me.

The most frequent question in my mind was: "Is it possible to imagine a different world, freeing myself from what I see and what I know? A world that believes in healing through love and compassion and not through violence, judgment and exemplary punishment, denying a second chance?"

Today I know that such a world can be imagined and built. I bring to you my own testimony which demonstrates that a radical change within us is possible. A better human being can be born and change everything, because the world is nothing more than a projection of who we truly are.

I gave myself a second chance and never looked back. I healed my soul by helping those who suffered, by dedicating all my economic and professional resources to the last ones and by studying solutions for the greatest problems of Humanity.

I have learned that true happiness is in loving, helping, giving, sharing and not in fighting, judging, competing, taking advantage. We are all here to give what we hold in our heart since our birth, and the sooner we start to give it without any second thought, the sooner we discover the authentic meaning of our life.

Humanizing and not condemning is the cure of our sick society!

On 12 December 2019 I founded Amatar Foundation which is my concrete proposal for a better world if we don't like this one. A world based on fundamental human values and universal responsibility. It's time to go back home!

The future of Humanity can be changed! There is nothing we cannot achieve if we act together for the good of the entire Human Community and for everything that surrounds us.

When we realize how indispensable we are to each other, how indissolubly united we are, we will understand that our only strength is in our unity. We are One!

With Love

Michelle Bonev
Founder and Chairwoman