Focus Areas

Human Rights

Promoting human rights and ending gender-based violence

In our headlong rush to success and intellectual progress we have forgotten the one who suffers. Thinking about building a bright future while ignoring the one who is dying today makes us inhumane, because there is nothing more important than Life! The moment has come for every one of us to consciously look around himself and realize that in the bright future we dream of we must all go together!

Taking a step towards the other is the greatest step in the Evolution of Humanity.

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Women Empowerment

Since Gender Equality is a Human Right, Women Empowerment becomes the first step, the first truly innovative and decisive action to be taken in an old, tired and sick world like ours.

For millennia women have been killed, abused, harassed, enslaved, mistreated, mutilated, beaten, intimidated; burned at the stake, stoned as sinners, left behind in their intellectual and professional growth, raped, forced into sexual favors to get a job or to grow in their career; they have been sold as a bargaining chip during wars and are deprived of their reproductive rights in many countries. The women's rights have been trampled on; women and girls are offended in every place and in any moment without mercy.  

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Climate Crisis

Net - Zero Emissions World

Our current understanding of how we treat the others, the environment, the agriculture, the food, our health and our values… spontaneously raises the question: “What future do we have as a Humankind?” As if we have been put in a high – speed train directed to a wall of reinforced concrete. It is clear that we are going to crash and the sense of powerlessness is paralyzing us. But how can we change our destiny? We have gone so far that we don’t see a way out.

We must go back to the crossroads where we have lost the right direction and we have to change the destination of that train, knowing that this will change the destiny of Humanity.

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Human Development

There is No Human Development Without Humanity

The economic and juridical systems and the dominant organizational models all over the world have become obsolete. At the same time we face issues that threaten to destabilize society and the environment in which we live: climate change, war, inequality, migration, poverty, disease, femicide… just to name a few. We need a new vision, a different perspective from which to face things; society, economy, law, politics, medicine, technology, etc..

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