Amatar City - The Oneness of Humanity

Amatar City - The Oneness of Humanity is an initiative that operates in the field of human development and aims to build a zero net emissions eco-sustainable smart city, where human beings live in total awareness of belonging to the human species and it is therefore natural for them to act with humanity, love and compassion towards each other. Amatar City is a Humane City. It is the world we all want to live in and Amatar Foundation is committed to building it, starting with the shooting of a documentary film that will represent a detailed action plan, based on the purpose of the Foundation.

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Humanization Movement

Amatar Foundation launches Humanization Movement with equally shared leadership between women and men, aiming to bring awareness that we humans belong to the human species and therefore is natural for us to act with humanity.

The world is going through a deep crisis of emotional identity. Our constant struggle for survival, the race for material development and the accumulation of wealth has made us inhumane, neglecting our fundamental human needs, such as kindness, joy, beauty, care and compassion. Restoring commitment to the uniqueness of the humanity and altruism is vital to our society.

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Women Run for Office

Women Run for Office is an initiative aimed at advancing Women's Empowerment.

Women represent the majority of the world population, but still they do not have equal representation in the State and local governments in any nation. To reach gender equality in public office and get more women into leadeship positions during our lifetime, Amatar Foundation undertakes the Women Empowerment Initiative Women Run for Office.

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Together is an initiative that operates in the field of special education in order to promote the importance of being together.

It’s incredible that in a world populated by 7 billion people (a number that continues to grow) we feel alone, that we cannot learn the most important lesson of life: being together with others while maintaining our uniqueness. We have learned to follow models and dogmas that others have created for us, and so we have lost ourselves, catapulted into a cold and unjust world.

How can we remedy this? Where are the values we believe in, but we trample on for convenience every day?

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Bacio Volante/Flying Kiss

Fly kiss fly, don’t ever stop
Reach all countries and all hearts
Bring beauty, happiness and love
Remind us that we are still human beings and we’ll stay children forever


Bacio Volante/Flying Kiss is a project carried out by a Philanthropic Enterprise owned by Amatar Foundation or by affiliated Philanthropic Enterprises that donate 100% of their profits to Amatar Foundation. This project grounds its activities on human rights and operates in the field of nutrition, including scientific research, creation, production and distribution of organic, highly nutritious and healthy food products, rich in vitamins and minerals - super foods.

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