Focus Areas

Human Development

There is No Human Development Without Humanity

The economic and juridical systems and the dominant organizational models all over the world have become obsolete. At the same time we face issues that threaten to destabilize society and the environment in which we live: climate change, war, inequality, migration, poverty, disease, femicide… just to name a few. We need a new vision, a different perspective from which to face things; society, economy, law, politics, medicine, technology, etc..

We need a different nutrition, a different rhythm of everyday life, a different culture, everything must be seen differently. We build smart cities, electric cars, we work on renewable energy, but the essence of the human being is ignored, marginalized, suppressed. We must reconsider our relationship with everything around us and create a new general system of relationships, with others, animals, the environment, with progress, a new social, economic, legal, medical, technological, urban, transport models. Models that consider poverty as the highest form of violence; disease as an opportunity and not a defeat; law as an instrument of rebirth and reintegration, and not of punishment and suffering; economy as a means for the well – being of all, and not for greed and exploitation; the school as a place of research for uniqueness, values and art, and not of rivalry and homologation; work as an act of sharing and growth, not of survival and conflict; the means of transport as the answer to a necessity and not vehicles of death and pollution of the environment; food and cooking as sources of wellness and pleasure, and not harmful experimentations; gender equality as a key to economic and social growth, not to conflict and discrimination.

We need to rewrite the destiny of Humanity, with awareness, and to design a world centered on the human being. We need to bring out the authentic being concealed within every one of us, that being which is amazed in front of a sunset, a child, the sea, the sky, which gathers a flower with grace and gives it to the loved one. That being is the true essence of the human being, and on that being we must rewrite our history. We must look at the world from a different perspective and realize that it is the only possible perspective we have in order to save Humanity.

As long as a single human being dies by the hand of another human being or by his indifference, we will have failed as a Humankind.