Amatar City - The Oneness of Humanity

Amatar City - The Oneness of Humanity is an initiative that operates in the field of human development and aims to build a zero net emissions eco-sustainable smart city, where human beings live in total awareness of belonging to the human species and it is therefore natural for them to act with humanity, love and compassion towards each other. Amatar City is a Humane City. It is the world we all want to live in and Amatar Foundation is committed to building it, starting with the shooting of a documentary film that will represent a detailed action plan, based on the purpose of the Foundation.

Amatar City - Documentary Film

Today the world that is shown to us by the media is hopeless and macabre. A feeling of anguish and helplessness invades us daily and makes us think of the worst. We shut ourselves up in our own shells, witnessing tragedies and injustices powerless, and that makes us lose esteem and trust in ourselves as human beings. We are told that this is not the best world, but the only possible world; violence is shown to us as true human nature; we are instilled in the need to defend ourselves from others, to suffer in order to reach our dreams and to submit ourselves to power as the only possibility for living.

Amatar City - Documentary Film  will go through the past and the present of our world, demonstrating that although there have always been violent and evil human beings, and they still exist, they have always been the minority and therefore they do not represent our true human nature, but our fears. The film will lead the spectator to the awareness that it is only up to us whether the evil beings will continue to exist in our future, and that the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood are fundamental to live, to prosper and to be happy.

We will meet people that work tirelessly to design a different world, a better world, where to live in our future: visionaries, scientists, inventors, writers, artists, celebrities and leaders of the three traditional economic sectors that guide the system of life on our planet, as well as leaders of the fourth emerging sector. We will take their ideas, and we will implement them in a virtual puzzle, which will represent a futuristic eco - sustainable Smart City where the human relationships, the environment, the enterprise, the technological and scientific progress, art and beauty coexist in perfect circularity.

We will share visions and testimonies with these people about our existence, about the importance of human rights and gender equality as keys to economic growth, political stability and social and cultural transformation of each country. We will talk about the importance of knowing the difference between justice and justicialism, between fight and commitment, about how important care and healing are and not revenge and punishment, especially in a moment of collective suffering.

Amatar City - Documentary Film  will bring awareness that we belong to only One Race: the Human Race, that we have only One Homeland: the Earth and we understand only One Language: the Oneness of Humanity.