Together is an initiative that operates in the field of special education in order to promote the importance of being together.

It’s incredible that in a world populated by 7 billion people (a number that continues to grow) we feel alone, that we cannot learn the most important lesson of life: being together with others while maintaining our uniqueness. We have learned to follow models and dogmas that others have created for us, and so we have lost ourselves, catapulted into a cold and unjust world.

How can we remedy this? Where are the values we believe in, but we trample on for convenience every day?

To change this inhumane system and to build new housing, family, working and school realities, we need to show better models of success than those shown to us today. Young people cannot learn how to live on school desks or from books if they see the exact opposite around them. The living models teach them better than anything.

It’s absolutely useless therefore to continue talking about human rights until we put them into practice; young people learn from what they see, and so that they create future generations.

Every human being is unique and extraordinary, there are no two equal human beings. This is why we have the duty to develop our uniqueness and to understand that the only success in life is just being ourselves.

We must teach young people that they will not find themselves while looking around themselves, they have to look inside. The search for our uniqueness to share with others is not an easy journey, because throughout our lives we hear from others who we are. We seek answers from others, from the media, from philosophers, from gurus, from teachers, we look outside ourselves, but no one can ever give us what is inside of us. What is essential to our life is really within us, but inside of us there is a dreadful darkness, and it’s not easy to search in the darkness.

Together will be the faint light of a lantern that will help us to feed our inner light so as to illuminate this darkness and together to find the way home. It will show us that it’s not possible to lose oneself definitively, but only temporarily, and that if we want to find ourselves again it will be enough to look in the right place, in our heart.

We cannot survive alone, loneliness and self – centeredness lead to death and annihilation. True joy can only be achieved through beautiful relationships, full of friendship, love, kindness, compassion, truth and affection. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling good with others. We must all remember that in I lies our essence of life, but in US lies our only strength! We are together to help each other.