Bacio Volante/Flying Kiss

Fly kiss fly, don’t ever stop
Reach all countries and all hearts
Bring beauty, happiness and love
Remind us that we are still human beings and we’ll stay children forever


Bacio Volante/Flying Kiss is a project carried out by a Philanthropic Enterprise owned by Amatar Foundation or by affiliated Philanthropic Enterprises that donate 100% of their profits to Amatar Foundation. This project grounds its activities on human rights and operates in the field of nutrition, including scientific research, creation, production and distribution of organic, highly nutritious and healthy food products, rich in vitamins and minerals - super foods.


Implementing model solutions to address fresh food access and nutrition education in underserved communities.

Empowering women and men in need, marginalised, mistreated and poor, people abbandoned by the institutions and the media, displaced persons, refugees and immigrants, to overcome extraordinary adverse circumstances and provide equal access to human rights thus contributing to the development of a civil society.


Bacio Volante/Flying Kiss food products have two different distribution lines, under the full control of Amatar Foundation.

The first line of distribution is purely philanthropic, not for profit, and it has the purpose to provide people in need regularly with healthy super foods which also strengthens their immune system.

The second line of distribution is on the market, dedicating 100% of the profits to charity, in order to contribute to the mission of the Foundation.