Women Run for Office

Women Run for Office is an initiative aimed at advancing Women's Empowerment.

Women represent the majority of the world population, but still they do not have equal representation in the State and local governments in any nation. To reach gender equality in public office and get more women into leadeship positions during our lifetime, Amatar Foundation undertakes the Women Empowerment Initiative Women Run for Office.

Amatar Foundation invests in women who are interested in public leadership, based on fundamental human values, providing them with proper training and thus empowering them to run for office and to be elected.

The first step of this Women Empowerment Initiative is to build a Community of women who do not accept to be put out of the process of designing, passing and enacting laws that affect the whole country and women who are curious about the possibilities of getting into politics.
Amatar Foundation offers these women places where they can express and discuss their ideas and  be informed of changes in local, national and global politics. This way they could become leaders or choose their female political leaders to follow and to support during the elections.
"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."
Ruth Bader Ginsburg