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Women Empowerment to Humanize the World

Since Gender Equality is a Human Right, Women Empowerment becomes the first step, the first truly innovative and decisive action to be taken in an old, tired and sick world like ours

For millennia women have been killed, abused, harassed, enslaved, mistreated, mutilated, beaten, intimidated; burned at the stake, stoned as sinners, left behind in their intellectual and professional growth, raped every day, forced into sexual favors to get a job or to grow in their career; they have been sold as a bargaining chip during wars and are deprived of their reproductive rights in many countries. The women's rights have been trampled on; women and girls are offended in every place and in any moment without mercy.  

We have been talking about Women Empowerment for some years now, but this topic has always been seen as segmental, concerning only girls and women, it has never been seen as a global topic, concerning whole society, as it is indeed.

Women Empowerment means gender equality, since there is a serious inequality  between women and men in every sphere of our life. Women Empowerment is not a segmental need, but a solution to the great problems that afflict the world.

For many years there have been various and concrete proposals made by illustrious minds with the aim of saving the world from catastrophe, precisely  the environmental catastrophe, but it seems so difficult to implement them. How can we avoid the environmental catastrophe and save the world if we have lost the feelings of love and compassion that are the pillars of our humanity? How can we love the environment and the others if we kill ourselves every day, stifling our dreams and learning how to survive in a corrupt and cruel society? We have hardened our hearts, forgotten our humane origins; we got used to acting like machines. If we don't start to humanize ourselves, if we don't remember who we are at our core and not who we have become through our frustrations, there would be no hope for humankind's survival

The process of Women Empowerment can change this self-destructive trajectory and build a better world where life and love are the basis of our society. Girls and women should be empowered, they should be helped to take the lead alongside men and bring the ship called Humanity to a safe harbor. Women Empowerment is all about that, it's the only key to Humanize the World!

Women know the deep meaning of caring.  They know how to take care of people and everything that surrounds them without condemning or discriminating. It is therefore only women who would know how to take care of world's populations and the environment in these dark times of humanitarian and climate emergency.

Women are mothers, they are full of feelings of empathy, love and compassion; they know how to forgive and to rebuild after ruins of wars and natural disasters. In fact, women would be less prone to war conflicts and more open to dialogue between peoples in order to achieve peace. Having more women sitting at the negotiating table is certainly an advantage for our aggressive and self- destructive civilization. Women would never send their sons to war, and are tired of burying their husbands and children killed in war conflicts over the centuries. Women Empowerment means ceasefire, eliminating weapons from the face of the earth, living in peace and equality, happy to enjoy the family hearth and to grow as individuals in a humane, stable and healthy world.

Women Empowerment also means having an intelligent and peaceful interlocutor to deal with at a time of extreme tension between nations. Women would be able to balance these tensions and to show a different path of thinking and acting. In a world like ours, full of wars, sorrow and poverty, we can only focus on Women Empowerment and take action for its immediate implementation in every country and in every sphere of our life.

Most enterprises and governments in the world are led by men right now, and the results are in front of us: an unprecedented climate, environmental, humanitarian, racial, cultural and pandemic crises; more and more people are fleeing from wars, disease, poverty and desertification; millions of refugees and displaced persons are left to die without help; discrimination, xenophobia, racism, economic exploitation, militarism and lack of human rights. Men have designed a world based on profit, everything is on the market, our health, our relationships, our values, dreams and rights. Nothing is healthy, true or genuine. These are facts! Men as exclusive leaders have failed and it's time for them to start leading enterprises and governments side by side with women.

The time has come for Women Empowerment to grow as a global movement in order to get more women into leadership positions in business and politics. More women should run for office and be elected.

Women Empowerment ensures that women and girls have control over their lives and are able to participate actively in social, political and economic domains, taking part of the decision-making process.

Women Empowerment is essential to build stronger economies, to achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability and to improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

The world is not a marvelous garden full of abundance and love, the world is full of poverty and hatred. Men must break the mold and make themselves supportive to women, free up the extra leadership seats they've taken and listen to women's advice like they have never done before.

Are women and girls less suitable for decision-making roles? Are they less intelligent and less prepared? Is Women Empowerment something that scares men and makes them think about loss of control? These are the questions that Amatar Foundation addresses to people at the head of enterprises and governments, people that should decide which side to take. These people, women and men, without distinction, are not always inclined to take decisive action regarding Women Empowerment and gender equality.

Yet after all, women should be demanding total power and leadership instead of gender equality! Indeed, it would be right for women to rule the world now. It would be the only alternative to avoid the impending catastrophe. Nevertheless women demanding gender equality, are demanding respect, the right to speak and to express themselves freely. Women ask to make decisions that affect our planet and everyone's life side by side with men. And this is fair and noble, although women should be very angry with men for the violent, irreverent, derogatory and discriminating treatment they have endured for millennia and still go through.

We can't keep saying that we are making progress only because it has become fashionable to talk about Women Empowerment and gender equality. Women Empowerment and gender equality are still only ideas, they are not a fact, despite the progress made in recent years. It's undeniable that small steps have been made and people's awareness is starting to awaken, especially the awareness of women and girls, who believe more and more in themselves and demanding leadership at work and in governments.

However, what happened during the Covid 19 pandemic showed that small steps forward, if not followed by immediate changes and facts, become great steps backwards. In fact,  women were most affected by the devastating effects of the pandemic crisis: many of them have lost their jobs and their personal security, as well as the possibility of education and intellectual growth. The pandemic crisis has hit women above all and has canceled every step forward that has been made in the recent years for Women Empowerment and gender equality. We are back to square one.

The real changes are decisive and immediate, everything else are just ideas and good intentions. For years women have listened to vain promises and for millennia they have suffered serious injustices, so they are no longer willing to accept to be treated as lesser human beings nor to stay behind.

There is a saying that goes: "Behind every great man there is a great woman."  From now on that saying changes to: "By the side of every great man there is a great woman and by the side of every great woman there is a great man."

Amatar Foundation is committed to making Women Empowerment a concrete reality in order for gender equality to be achieved during our lifetime.  

Let us forget the small steps forward and no longer be enchanted by the mirrors of the larks. Talking about gender equality is not gender equality. Let's turn the words into actions and facts.

Since gender equality is a human right, Women Empowerment becomes the first step, the first truly innovative and decisive action to be taken in an old, tired and sick world like ours.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is not only respect for human rights, it is the key to economic growth, political stability, social and cultural transformation of each Country. Women are equal to men in dignity and rights and therefore they deserve to be paid equally to men for their work and to have the same opportunity to grow, both on the human and professional level, without their dignity being ever trampled on. No woman should ever have to make compromises, sell herself, be harassed or abused in order to live, work, grow in her career and to develop her talents. No woman should ever be afraid to report abuse of power, harassment and rape, nor to suffer retaliation in this respect, such as losing her personal safety and work or being stoned as a sinner by a myopic and insensitive society.

There are two courtrooms of judgement, one is in the tribunal and the second one is in the public opinion. Every abused woman has the right to be legally and morally defended, so that prejudice in public opinion can be extinguished. The Foundation supports women who have decided to break the wall of silence by denouncing abuse and harassment at the workplace and helps them to rebuild their lives and to develop their talents as free human beings.

It is impossible to speak of gender equality without a global awareness of women's importance for the development of our society, nor can actual changes be made without their participation in the economic and political debate.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report gender equality at the workplace can only be achieved in 2095. This is disproportionate and unacceptable amount of time. Gender equality is an act of civilization.

Amatar Foundation is committed to accelerating this civilizing process through mobilizing women and girls in order to affirm their value as leaders and to support them in their every effort. Women should run for office and become much more active in their communities, in local governments, and in the highest offices of the State. There is a saying that goes: “Girls with dreams become women with vision.”.  We’ll empower them to accomplish that vision.