Humanization Movement

Amatar Foundation launches Humanization Movement with equally shared leadership between women and men, aiming to bring awareness that we humans belong to the human species and therefore is natural for us to act with humanity.

The world is going through a deep crisis of emotional identity. Our constant struggle for survival, the race for material development and the accumulation of wealth has made us inhumane, neglecting our fundamental human needs, such as kindness, joy, beauty, care and compassion. Restoring commitment to the uniqueness of the humanity and altruism is vital to our society.

Organizations today navigate on the edge of chaos, people have lost faith in their governments, the walls of the past re – emerge along with the threat of a new racism and holocaust, unscrupulous men exploit the uncertainty of the economic crisis to divide and incite people to violence, markets are changing faster and faster, unforeseen influences require rapid adaption, and organizations must constantly step forward and reinvent themselves; leaders of enterprises, political parties and movements are increasingly cynical, aggressive and authoritarian.

The management dogmas of the past no longer serve their purpose. It is time to adopt new ideas, to undertake a different kind of leadership and action in organizations around the world and to make these organizations more human and fit for purpose.

Humanization Movement is committed to assist organizations and companies all over the world in the path of humanization, focusing on the human being as the engine of change which is based on the values that represent the pillars of Humanity.

It’s essential to make organizations and companies aware of their social responsibility for the building of a harmonious world, with an ethical, democratic and inclusive vision, working for the well-being of the whole humanity. A Virtues World where profit is aimed alongside happiness and social justice, where governments protect human rights and young people grow free to express themselves and to develop their dreams, starting from their personal and intimate awareness of their own meaning as human beings.

Humanization Movement will constitute an International Humanization Committee, to which illustrious minds and people with a great sense of humanity and oneness will belong, in order to adopt Universal Declaration of Humanization based on fundamental human values.

International Humanization Committee therefore will found a School of Humanization, grounded on Universal Declaration of Humanization. The moment has come to accept the oneness of humanity and to start believing in our species, making it worthy of being called human.